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Peace is strength

Relena Peacecraft
30 June
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Hi! My name is Relena Peacecraft, I come from a pacifist family who used to rule the kingdom of Sank. I joined LiveJournal because everyone else did, to help keep in touch with them all. I move around a lot at the moment, helping to administrate peace treaties and agreements between the colonies, earth and it's various countries. I do not believe in violence. I'm a member of the war prevention unit, known as Preventers, and thanks to my oh-so-witty boyfriend, I'm Preventer Blossom.

My boyfriend is Chang Wufei, a obnoxious, opinionated, Chinese slightly-more-than houseguest who refuses to admit that I have him totally wrapped around my little finger. My best friends are of course my boyfriend and Heero Yuy.

I'm happy to talk to anyone, so please feel free to add me to your friends lists!